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Take a breath and relax with a tranquil and therapeutic massage. Our massages are customized to address the specific concerns of your body. Ease away tension and soothe areas of stress with a 60 or 90 minute massage. Offering Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and cranio sacral, our goal is to bring you the experience of Calm. 

60 minutes    $120 

60 Couples    $275

90 minutes    $150

90 Couples     $335 

Hot Stone Massage 

  Enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation with the combination of hot stones and massage to compliment healing of the body. Incorporating warm healing heat into the session allows you to melt into the table easing away any last tensions.

60 minutes    $140

60 Couples    $315 

90 minutes    $170 

90 Couples     $375

CBD Massage

Helps to ease the body and mind drift into a state of zen.  A slow, firm massage that uses organic CBD oil to calm the nervous system, and address tendon and joint pain. 

60 minutes    $140

60 Couples    $315 

90 minutes    $170 

90 Couples     $375


Decompress away the stress and tension of long days.  Release stagnant muscles by increasing circulatory flow and removing toxins form the tissue. This treatment can be incorporated with massage as well. 

60 minutes    $140

60 Couples    $315 

90 minutes    $170 

90 Couples     $375

Foot Scrub

Treat and heal your feet and lower legs to restore lightness, improve circulation, and reduce swelling and fatigue. A foot soak, scrub, and massage is great after a day filled with adventure!

30 minutes    $65

Ion Foot Detox

 A natural and effective way to rebalance and re-energize our bioenergy though our feet. This treatment produces negative ions that stimulate cells and enable the body to effectively detox though the pores in your feet. 

40 minutes    $75

Halo Therapy

 Salt offers excellent benefits for the body bringing purification and balance to the skin and respiratory system. This type of treatment is a safe and effective way of using Himalayan salt’s natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and super absorbent properties to provide relief and healing.

Max 2 people per party

 30 minutes    $55

     Package of 3            $150 ($50/session)


     Package of 5             $225 ($45/session)


     Monthly Unlimited   $400

Infrared Sauna

 Enjoy an immersive sauna experience in our infrared tube sauna. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so why not treat it right? And along the way reap other benefits such as reducing stress, detoxifying the whole body, and easing muscle aches and pains, all while soaking up the warmth of the sauna.


For an enhanced session, you can add halo therapy to receive the ultimate therapeutic benefits.



45 min    $65

Therapeutic Soaks
(Service Unavailable)

Treat your body to a unique soaking experience with your choice of a warm soak or ice bath in our outdoor clawfoot tubs. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the combo of hot and cold hydrotherapy or solely warm or cold soaks while gazing over the animal farm. 

Add on to your soak to make it even more magical with Milk Bath, Bath Tea, Himalayan Pink Salt, or Seaweed Bath.


Max 2 people per party

30 minutes    $55

 Add-Ons         $10

Chiropractic Adjustments

Bring your body to the alignment it needs with a top of the line chiropractic adjustments with Dr. David Davis. His approach to health is dynamic, heart centered, and based in the principles that encourage individuals toward a higher expression of health through chiropractic. 

 15 minutes    $70

Extra Services 

Chair Massage 

Kinesthetic Tape 

Percussion Gun 

Traveling Sessions

Custom Combo Packages

Gift Certificates

Please reach out to learn more about these extra services

To Book a Session Please 

Call or Text 

 401 537 8147

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